Шаблон фифа спорт

Add your club logo, colors, content and you are ready to go. The FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC17), the world’s largest gaming tournament, has an entirely new tournament format! The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification group tables are shown on the overall qualifying page, as well as the confederation qualifying page (2018 FIFA World Cup qualification (CONMEBOL)), if not other pages as well. For location, it is unnecessary to link countries or general regions unless obscure. firstlabel Alternate label text for the «first» parameter, for cases where «First played» in not appropriate, e.g. Auto racing. region Geographic area(s) the sport is present. Заключительный турнир года прошёл в октябре, с 17 по 18 число, в Афинах с призовым фондом $30 000. Основная статья: ESWC 2009 В 2009 году не проводился мировой финал.

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