Шаблон маски ghost

Keach also provided the voice for the Phantasm. For smaller children, a smaller balloon will be easier to work with. 2 Gather and create the materials needed for your papier mache. It’s fine if you just have newspaper, but it’s even better if you have newspaper and a solid paper, like printer paper. Play the Song of Double Time to get to the first night, collect rupees while you’re waiting, then save her from Sakon. Reeves professes his ignorance, and that he didn’t know Beaumont had embezzled funds from the mob years before, but the Joker believes Reeves needs to protect his reputation now that he is an elected politician and may be the killer. With the frightful faces of Freddy Kruegger, Jason, Michael Myers and Ghost Face you can easily become the grisly protagonist of your favorite horror film.

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